Automotive Dealer Law

Aboyoun Dobbs LLC is best known for its work representing automobile dealers and has a hard-earned reputation as one of the best automotive transactional practices in the Tri-State Area.

Every industry is unique in its own way, with its distinctive needs and relationships.  Automobile dealerships are complex business with legal problems that require specialized skills and experience.  Having represented automobile dealers for over 30 years, we understand – and can respond to – their unique needs.

Our attorneys have represented – and continue to represent – many of the leading automobile dealers in the Tri-State areas, and sometimes become involved in sales and purchases of dealerships in other states. 

A partial list of these clients includes:

  • Nielsen Automotive Group
  • Paul Miller Auto Group
  • Prestige Auto Group
  • Ramsey Auto Group
  • Ray Catena Auto Group
  • World Auto Group
  • Open Road Auto Group
  • Giuffre Auto Group
  • Greater New York Toyota Dealers Advertising Association
  • Tri-State and Upstate FDAF, Inc.
  • Tri-State Audi Dealers Advertising Association, Inc.

We typically work with dealers on all aspects of their business and legal needs, though we may be asked to handle specific issues on occasion.  The issues frequently involve the sale or purchase of a dealership, but they may range from succession and estate planning to tax issues to franchise matters to environmental concerns.  At any given time, we may be involved with as many as a dozen deals, but we give each the kind of attention as if it were the only deal we were working on.

In purchases and sales, we can help identify potential purchasers or sellers. We structure the transaction, develop sale/purchase documents and review and modify financing agreements with lenders.  We also advise on matters concerning dealer personnel, floor plan, retail credit relationships, franchise application matters, financing and insurance.  We are involved every step of the way, including negotiations, due diligence inquiries, transaction document negotiation and drafting, and closings.  We also help dealers prepare dealer license applications and obtain licensing.

In representing dealers, we build relationships with automobile manufacturers and franchisors, as well as other advisors, including accountants and bankers. Clients ask for our assistance in franchise relationships, franchise system acquisition, franchise law compliance and dealer rights, licensing agreements and site control. We have experience resolving franchise disputes through the use of applicable mediation processes. Having completed many franchise applications, we are familiar with what different franchisors desire in their applications and can help clients complete them appropriately.

From corporate and limited liability company formations to mergers and acquisitions, our attorneys can help articulate the benefits and limitations of different business structures for dealerships, as well as craft and review financing agreements and partnership and equity ownership documents. We have prepared contracts of every type and complexity, helped devise innovative operational funding strategies and financial instruments, and participated in the negotiation and sale of both partial ownerships and entire companies.

Our attorneys have successfully represented dealers in matters involving terminations, and advised on issues relating to state licensing and state and federal regulations. We stay up-to-date on the evolving laws affecting dealers, so we can keep our clients current.  We understand franchise agreements and state and federal statutes, and make sure our clients understand how they affect one another.

At Aboyoun Dobbs LLC, we help dealers develop necessary legal forms, comply with regulations, analyze areas of exposure to liability and respond to government and manufacturer inquiries.