Estate Planning & Estate Administration

Whether our clients are concerned about wealth preservation or structuring the transfer of their closely-held business, we are equipped to handle all their estate planning and administration needs.  We advise on insurance, employee benefits and real estate as they relate to estate and business planning for our clients and their family members. We can help with issues of wealth accumulation and protection, succession planning, estate management and trust administration. Whether a business is owned by an individual or family-owned, a partnership or corporation, we can advise on how to structure the transmission of ownership and value through the application of best practices of trusts and estates.

Our estate attorneys work with clients to plan for their families’ continued needs and to enable inheritance to pass through generations clear of claims by creditors and taxing authorities. Where appropriate, we focus on the interplay of income and estate tax rules that allow our clients to minimize, or even eliminate, estate taxation while maintaining full investment control over their portfolios.

A priority is often to minimize taxes on the transfer of wealth using such techniques as family limited partnerships, family limited liability companies and installment sales.
We also assist in the administration of estates and trusts of all sizes and, particularly, including dealing with issues involving closely-held businesses, and real estate investments.