Commercial Litigation

The attorneys at Aboyoun Dobbs LLC have handled a wide range of cases, from the routine to the complex, and are experienced litigators, prepared to take the appropriate steps to help our clients resolve business conflicts.  Based on substantial litigation experience, including actual trial experience, our commercial litigators tackle complex matters that involve shareholders, partnerships, mergers, class actions and other areas. Whether it involves appearing before local, state or district courts, our seasoned team of experts can negotiate the toughest course of action to seek a better outcome for your business.

We believe that disputes are best settled by negotiation or mediation, but when required, we have the skill and the resolve to turn to the courts for resolution.  We roll up our sleeves and are ready to work and ready to win, always keeping our client’s interests and success at heart.

We do not engage in frivolous litigation but we use our skills to help our clients avoid time- consuming and costly litigation.