Our Company

Aboyoun Dobbs LLC was established in 1989 and has grown to become one of the best-known automotive law practices in the New York Tri-State Area.  Ours is a relatively small firm, but we do not think – or act – small.  Our practice is big in important ways.  We handle large and complex deals – and do so on a regular basis.  We represent some of the leading companies in the field, both in the automobile dealer community and in other business sectors.  We typically represent the interests of many clients and in many instances against major companies. And, while some of our clients were originally small entities, we have worked with them over the course of many years to grow their businesses.

We are particularly recognized for our practice in Automobile Dealer Law, but we have other strengths as well, including:


  • Business Law
  • Business & Commercial Litigation
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Estate Planning and Estate Administration
  • Taxation
  • Workouts


As transactional attorneys, we are deal-makers, not deal-breakers. We understand that our clients’ goal is to make their deals happen.  While we advise our clients when we believe they should walk away from a particular deal, our purpose is to ensure that deals succeed.  Our objective is not to point out all the obstacles along the way of a deal, but to help our clients overcome those obstacles and bring the deal to a successful conclusion.


Our clients tend to view us as their legal “internist.”  We understand their needs and wishes, analyze the problems and issues they are facing, and determine how to resolve these and what resources are necessary, even when it requires bringing in a lawyer from outside our firm with specialized expertise.

We take special pride in maintaining long-term relationships with our high-quality clients. We continually work to earn the loyalty of our clients.